C&B; Custom Modular boasts just over 113,000 square feet of manufacturing space nestled on a 25 acre site just south of Bristol, IN. We are located in a premier industrial park situated right in the heart of Elkhart County which is rich with suppliers and partners for the modular business industry. C&B, has engineered and built thousands of modular structures and distributes throughout most geographic areas in the USA and Canada.

Our modules are used for, but not limited to, the following market segments.

  • Job site field offices
  • School and educational use
  • Child and adult day care centers
  • Health care and diagnostic
  • Bio/Science laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • In plant / out plant office structures and guard stations
  • Sales offices
  • Administrative offices
  • Dormitory / Housing / Barracks
  • Financial facilities including branch offices and data processing
  • Special Events Structures
  • Restroom / Shower / Change facilities
  • Fresh water supply and waste disposal facilities
  • Support Facilities for the Oil, Gas and Mining Industries
  • Worship buildings
  • Retail outlets